Welcome to Trybe Records v2.0

Trybe records is a leading record label established in West Africa in 1999. The company has produced 23 artists to date and is one of the only record labels to have sold over 10 million albums in Nigeria. Trybe records was founded by Lanre “eLDee” Dabiri in 1998 as an independent record label for a new genre of music which has grown to become the most accepted form of contemporary music in Nigeria today. In 2011, Trybe Records was acquired by Iman Entertainment and is now part of the Iman Entertainment media group.

The company boasts of developing artists such as Trybesmen, Oladele, Dr Sid, Sasha, 2Shotz, eLDee, and many more. Trybe Records is currently home to eLDee, Sheyman, Aramide, Sarz, K9, Sojay, and Rukus.

Trybe records v2.0 is a revitalized, re-energized, re-engineered and exclusively re-branded version of Trybe Records. The idea behind our rebranding campaign is to reposition our key creative assets in the industry and provide a more robust platform for each creative asset to reach it’s full potential.