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Aramide is a yoruba name which means: my people have come. If you have been waiting for the fresh wave of Nigerian musicians who will be making good and meaningful music, you can smile with relief. Aramide has come.

As a teenager she discovered delight in singing and writing songs. After high school, she learnt to play the saxophone and guitar, two instruments she is quite passionate about. While still studying Political Science in the University of Jos, she signed up for and participated in Star Quest, the premier TV talent show at the time in Nigeria.

Afterward, Aramide left the band she had been a part of during the competition and began to pursue a solo career, recording and writing in earnest.

In July 2011 her single ‘It’s Over’ was released online and revealed her as a unique artiste with an original, creative approach to her art.

Ever the avid performer, Aramide sings regularly at a number of soul and jazz shows.
If you listen, you will hear the influence of Erykah Badu, Asa, Miriam Makeba, Sade, Angelique kidjo and other Greats emanating through her music in a soft soulful blend which lends her voice the rich distinct tones people remember her for. Aramide sings about love ,betrayal,friendship and the attendant joys and aches of womanhood.