Osaretin Osabuohien popularly known as ‘Sarz’ hails from Benin City, Edo state. He attended ‘All saints primary school’ and ‘Goodwill secondary school’. Sarz got into the music scene when he had a personal experience with life; things were hard for his family; so he turned to Music and began to develop his skills making beats. He sold his first beat just one week after it was done and named himself what is easily the most sought after name in Nigerian music production today, ‘BeatsBySarz’.

Sarz doesn’t just make beats, he sees music as a part of his being, in his words he says ‘Music is my life support machine…I am empty without it’. Sarz has put in alot of work over the last few years with well over 70 tracks to his credit. In 5 years, Sarz believes he will be the biggest producer in Africa.


Sarz is easy to be around; he enjoys basketball, hanging out with his friends and his favourite part is being involved or around music. His personal dress style is urban and trendy while his favourite colour is black. Sarz is a Christian and he sees religion has ‘a way of life that gives him a sense of what is right or wrong’.